Lifestyle Center


¨Little changes, big results¨


  • Comfortable stay in a quiet and natural environment.
  • Healthy diet.
  • Vegan cuisine workshops.
  • Physical and recreational activities.
  • Rest.
  • Visits to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and San Regis Village.

  • Customized programs.


  • Decreased stress and lower blood pressure and sugar in blood.
  • Physical and mental well-being.
  • Renewed energy.
  • A new and pleasant way to eat.
  • Weight loss.

And much more!!!


Research in the realm of health reports the benefits of a vegan diet, understood as one that excludes products from animal origin and their byproducts.

Likewise, there is increasing evidence of the damage that processed foods are causing to our bodies, since the beginning of the food industry with its chemical additives, synthetic pseudo-foods, original food modified, added to mass production of meat and byproducts, diseases continue to increase alarmingly. So diseases like cancer and other degenerative chronic diseases, which in the past were rare or unknown, today have become so common.

Faced with this reality, many are aware of the changes they need to make, both in their diet as well as in other areas of lifestyle, to prevent illness or to recover health. However, commitment to do these changes is very difficult when we do not have the practical knowledge and support from those around us.

We say this because we have had the same experience and difficulties faced by those who decided to adopt a new way to eat, being the most common hurdles the following ones:

  1. Unfavorable environment when we are in the starting phase of the process of eliminating animal products. It becomes very difficult to remain firm in the decision made when we share the table with those who are eating them. This is because our eating habits are firmly established, thus we need in this initial moment a favorable environment to make the transition process easier, therefore enjoying a communitarian way of making and eating delicious food in an environment free of temptation, strengthens our purpose turning what can be a daunting and traumatic experience into a very gratifying experience.
  2. If we do not prepare our food, there are not safe alternatives in restaurants, even when they offer vegetarian or vegan dishes, because we are not sure that they are not using flavors such as monosodium glutamate and other toxic ingredients widely used in the food business.
  3. In the case of preparing our own food, the difficulty appears when, after a short time, we discover that we run out of recipes and we get tired of eating the same. So, our purpose gradually fades away and we are tempted to go back.
  4. Finally, another issue that deserves our attention regarding to cooking, is the combinations and proportions of the food in order to achieve the balance that guarantees us optimal nutrition. 


For these and other reasons, our Daily Activities Program in our Lifestyle Center is intended to help participants to redirect their lifestyle in order to experience significant improvements in their health.

Keeping in mind that food is a relevant aspect of the lifestyle, we emphasize the cooking workshops that give our participants the opportunity to learn everything they need, so that once they return home, they can independently continue with their plan learned.

40.00 USD per person.

We recommend a minimum stay of five days.

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