Pacaya Samiria Camping

Pacaya Samiria Camping – 4 days and 3 nights

First day:

Pick up from airport or hotel.

At 8.30 a.m. we travel from Iquitos to Nauta by car for one and a half hours.

We will get on our motorboat at 10.30 to travel upstream through the Marañon River where you will be able to have your first impressions of the Amazon observing the beautiful landscape.

We will arrive to the lodge at 3.00 pm. At that time, you will be accommodated in your respective room.

Lunch is served at 4.00 pm.

Canoeing activity at 5.00 pm

Dinner is served at 7.30 pm.

After dinner, we will visit the village of San Regis to experience a traditional night in the villages of the Amazon Rainforest.

Activities of the first day end at 9.30 pm and then you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle from your comfortable bed.

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Second day:

Breakfast is served at 8.00 am.

At 10.00 am we will get on our boat to travel for one hour until we arrive to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve surveillance post number 1 (PV1), at Santo Domingo in the Yanayacu Pucate River; for entry registration with the reserve rangers.

After formalities are fulfilled, we will navigate for 30 minutes until we arrive to Huaylla (Guaya) lake where we will be able to watch dolphins and birds as herons, egrets, hoatzins and horned screamers. We will fish Piranhas too.

Lunch will be served at this lake.

After the activities in this place, we will navigate to Japan Creek. In the way to this place, we will look for sloths and monkeys.

We will watch dolphins at Japan creek. We can swim near the dolphins.

After the activities in this place we will set up our camping site.

Night exploration to look for alligators and other species.

Activities of the second day end at 9.30 pm.

Third day:

Morning activity at 6.00 am. Hiking through primary jungle looking for primates and wildlife.

Breakfast is served at 8.00 am.

At 9.30 am we will navigate looking for birds, sloths and monkeys in the surrounding jungle.

At 12.00 pm we will navigate to the lodge. We will arrive to the lodge at 1.30 pm.

Lunch is served at 2.30 pm.

Hiking through the surrounding jungle looking for wildlife. The hike takes around three hours.

Dinner is served at 8.00 pm.

Activities of the third day end at 9.30 pm and then you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle from your comfortable bed.

Fourth day:

Breakfast is served at 8.00 a.m.

At 9.00 am excursion to the canopy walkways (suspended bridges) or visit the place where the Marañón River meet the Ucayali to form the Amazon / Victoria Regia observation.

We will be back to the lodge at 12.00 pm to have lunch / Lunch is served in Nauta if visit to the Amazon River is preferred.

After lunch, we will return to Nauta, take our transport and return to Iquitos.

Time of arrival at 6.00 pm. Airport or hotel drop-off.

End of service.

Please note that itineraries are for reference only. They can be modified because of weather conditions or traveler’s interests.

Rates in USD – All Inclusive Tours with Pacaya Samiria & Canopy Walkways – Peque-peque

Tour 4 days 3 nights

Double Room Triple Room Quadruple Room
Rate 880.00 1140.00


Included in the rate: Round transportation from Iquitos, accommodation, all meals, drinks, tickets to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Canopy Walkways, activities and guide during the whole program.

What to expect from your trip?

Family Vacation of a Lifetime! (Online review)

This is the real deal! It is hard to accurately describe how incredible our time in the amazon truly was. From beginning to end this was a life altering experience!

Upon arrival to Iquitos airport, Manuel ushered us to our transportation and the adventure began! We headed to Nauta to catch our boat and head deep into the jungle. The boat ride was amazing! The boat was hand made in the rainforest by craftsmen and it is an absolute treat! I highly recommend lounging in a hammock for the ride! The river is much larger and more beautiful than you can imagine. We immediately started asking questions and didn’t stop for hours. Luckily, Manuel is simply a plethora of rainforest knowledge.

Once we came ashore at Eretzen Ta lodge we were amazed at how large the lodge was and how great the amenities were right out there in the middle of the JUNGLE! The living area was beautifully decorated and the hammocks and swinging bed were great to hand out after a long day in the forrest.

We had our first meal and we were in for a treat! Everything is caught fresh or harvested that day. Louis and his wife life in the lodge year round and prepare all of the food. You WILL NOT go hungry on this trip! Every meal was more food than we could possibly eat and absolutely delicious.

Our room was a triple and had three individual beds with mosquito nets on each bed. Deet is a must no matter where you are in the rainforest. We got yellow fever vaccinations and took prophylactic malaria medication throughout our time in Peru. We sprayed down on the boat ride in and reapplied frequently. We also sprayed down at night before bed. It worked just fine-We ended with maybe 5-10 bites each after 4 days.

We had an amazing jungle hike that included log bridges and amazing vegetation and wildlife! We went on an amazing canoe ride right by the lodge also. Some of our favorite time in the jungle was at the local village sharing a cerveza with Manuel and just bombarding him with questions about the Peruvian and Amazonian cultures.

We were able to spend time with Alex and his family in the reserve and it will forever be one of my most cherished memories. His family is amazing and I will never forget how excited we were on our night time canoe ride when he caught an alligator with his bare hands! We swam with pink dolphins and Alex helped teach us the animal calls and practice “taking” to the howler monkeys. He has a keen eye! He even spotted a sloth while we were riding in the boat! It was truly amazing!

I can not say enough about this company or Manuel! If you’re down for an adventure… This is where you want to be! The absolute best time and money we spent in Peru!

Life Changing Adventure – Incredible Experiences in the Peruvian Amazon (Online review)
We spent four days in the Amazon two nights in the lodge and one in the jungle. I cannot say enough about Manuel, his staff, and the guides Luis and Alex. We were met at the airport on time and taken well care of, well fed, and well informed for the next four days. It is an adventure – not touristy – but that is why you go to the Amazon. So much beauty, information, and activity in four days; it is hard to put into words and hard to describe. It is impossible not to fall in love with this place and the people. Manuel takes great pride in what he does, what he has, and the people who work for him. Cannot give this place a higher recommendation for those who want to get off the beaten path and see the real beauty of the Peruvian Amazon. From an ecological, environmental, cultural, and informational standpoint – YOU WILL NOT DO BETTER than Eretzen Ta Lodge. See the photos for proof. 🙂
“Glamping” (Glamour Camping) in the Amazon! (Online review)

This lodge was amazing. It is located right next to one of the last small villages before you enter the national reserve (Reserva Nacional Parcaya – Samiria). I was a 100% expecting to be roughing it at Amazon Adventures’ lodge before heading off to our Amazon multi-day trek. However, this place rocks!

Amazing Food
+ Hot Water Showers in Personal Restrooms
+ Personal Rooms with Mosquito Nets + Nice Beds
+ Hammocks galore!

With nice facilities + tons of wildlife, this place is a healthy mix of outdoors adventure + nice place to stay.

Manuel “Kiko” Toppe, one of the owners, and his house family staff are great. Kiko is super knowledgeable both about the jungle and the history of Peru. From plants and animal to literature and politics, Kiko and his crew know their stuff, so do not be afraid to ask.

As for my experience, I am 99% positive I ate more (both quantity + degree of amazing) food at this lodge and on the actual trek than I did for the other 3 months of my travel in Peru. Local + organic food lovers rejoice. Ask for the papaya con leche. They never stopped harvesting local fresh foods, so they did not even have to jump on the bandwagon. I stayed here a few nights before and after our trek in the Amazon. Had a blast walking into the small town at night and hanging with locals. Given the house is located next to the water, we kayaked throughout the area and saw tons of wildlife, as well. Seriously, I cannot recommend this place enough.

¡Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Pa’ Dentro!

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