Pacaya Samiria Explorer

Pacaya Samiria Explorer – 5 days and 4 nights

First day:

Pick up from airport or hotel.

At 8.30 a.m. we travel from Iquitos to Nauta by car for one and a half hours.

We will get on our motorboat at 10.30 to travel upstream through the Marañon River where you will be able to have your first impressions of the Amazon observing the beautiful landscape.

We will arrive to the lodge at 3.00 pm. At that time, you will be accommodated in your respective room.

Lunch is served at 4.00 pm.

Canoeing activity at 5.00 pm

Dinner is served at 7.30 pm.

After dinner, we will visit the village of San Regis to experience a traditional night in the villages of the Amazon Rainforest. Activities of the first day end at 9.30 pm and then you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle from your comfortable bed.


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Second day:

Breakfast is served at 8.00 am.

At 10.00 am we will get on our boat to travel for one hour until we arrive to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve surveillance post number 1 (PV1), at Santo Domingo in the Yanayacu Pucate River; for entry registration with the reserve rangers.

After formalities are fulfilled, we will navigate for 30 minutes until we arrive to Huaylla (Guaya) lake where we will be able to watch dolphins and birds as herons, egrets, hoatzins and horned screamers. We will fish Piranhas too.

Lunch will be served at this lake.

After the activities in this place, we will navigate to Japan Creek. In the way to this place, we will look for sloths and monkeys.

We will watch dolphins at Japan creek. We can swim near the dolphins.

After the activities in this place we will set up our camping site.

Night exploration to look for alligators and other species.

Activities of the first day end at 9.30 pm.

Third day:

Morning activity at 6.00 am. Hiking through primary jungle looking for primates and wildlife.

Breakfast is served at 8.00 am.

At 9.30 am we will travel for one and a half hours to the Renaco Lake. We will see a variety of birds, dolphins and sloths along the way. At 12.00 p.m. we will begin to prepare our lunch and our camping site to stay overnight.

Jungle hike at 4.00pm. Hiking through primary jungle looking for wildlife. Identification of different kind of trees and medicinal plants.

Night exploration to look for alligators and other species.

Activities of the first day end at 9.30 pm.

Fourth day:

Morning activity at 6.00 am. Hiking through primary jungle looking for primates and wildlife.

Breakfast is served at 8.00 am.

At 9.30 am we will navigate looking for birds, sloths and monkeys in the surrounding jungle.

At 12.00 pm we will navigate to the lodge. We will arrive to the lodge at 1.30 pm.

Lunch is served at 2.30 pm.

Hiking through the surrounding jungle looking for wildlife. The hike takes around three hours.

Dinner is served at 8.00 pm.

Activities of the fourth day end at 9.30 pm and then you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle from your comfortable bed.

Fifth day:

Breakfast is served at 8.00 a.m.

At 9.00 am excursion to the canopy walkways (suspended bridges) or visit the place where the Marañón River meet the Ucayali to form the Amazon / Victoria Regia observation.

We will be back to the lodge at 12.00 pm to have lunch / Lunch is served in Nauta if visit to the Amazon River is preferred.

After lunch, we will return to Nauta, take our transport and return to Iquitos.

Time of arrival at 6.00 pm. Airport or hotel drop-off.

End of service.

Please note that itineraries are for reference only. They can be modified because of weather conditions or traveler’s interests.

Rates in USD – All Inclusive Tours with Pacaya Samiria & Canopy Walkways – Peque-peque

Tour 5 days 4 nights

Double Room Triple Room Quadruple Room
Rate 1050.00 1350.00


Included in the rate: Round private transportation from Iquitos, accommodation, all meals, drinks, tickets to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Canopy Walkways, activities and guide during the whole program.

What to expect from your trip?

Totally worth it! Great service and experience. (Online review)

We took the 5-day “Pacaya Samiria Explorer” Program.
First of all, we were greatly satisfied with everything, Manuel has a great team working with him; whether it’s in Iquitos, San Regis or inside the Reserve.
We traveled at the end of the rainy season (start of June), so, personally, we liked the weather we got: occasional rain but not too hot yet. We also liked the fact that, for most of the trip, as the water haven’t dried up yet, we stayed in the boat while they took us around.
We were told that the driest season is around September, which means that you would be able to walk more around; however, it’s also much hotter.We wanted to spend only one night camping the reserve; hence, the tour was re-arranged to suit our wishes.
Additionally, one of the reasons we booked the program at Eretzen Ta is because we read that a previous traveler was able to have vegan diet during the entire tour.
This was a great decision, as the food provided to us was, on top of being vegan, delicious and always fresh.The boat trip from Nauta to San Regis (where the lodge is, not far from the Reserve) was long (4.5h) but relaxing. We got some food in the way, and hammocks were provided so that we can get some rest.
On the afternoon we took a canoe ride around San Regis, and were able to see some jungle wildlife.

The lodge is rustic and very basic; but it’s quite alright considering it is in a remote town in the jungle. Rooms are spacious; with toilet and showers (only cold water).
Electricity could be turned on upon request. (We have a solar system at present).
Perhaps it would be a good idea to have something that would help you dry your clothes, as they only get dry when directly exposed to the sun (humidity won’t let them dry otherwise).

On the second day we went to the Reserve, did a bit of sightseeing around the towns and the jungle both during the daytime and evening; and spend the night camping there. This was probably the toughest night because of the humidity+heat combination inside the tent; and also because of the amount of mosquitoes you will find inside your tent as you go sleep.

The next day we woke up early (partly helped by the jungle sounds) and went for some bird watching in a nearby pond. Then we went to a beach for spotting pink and gray dolphins. It was amazing.
On the way back to the lodge we would stop whenever some wildlife was spotted.

In general, we were lucky enough to spot, among other species, a couple of sloths, some monkeys; hoatzins, horned screamers (camungo) and toucans.
However, this is all based on luck, so probably each tour has a different experience.

The fourth day we went for some canopy walk during the morning; and in the afternoon we had a long walk around the lodge (after some 30-40 minutes of walk, you are in the real jungle). It was tiring but it was worth it, so as to have an idea of how the jungle really looks like.

On the fifth and last day, we took another canoe ride around the lodge; and after lunch we started our boat ride back to Iquitos. This time, the ride was shorter (2.5 h), as we traveled with the river flow.

Manuel was kind enough to take us to the center for us to grab some food; and then take us to the airport. This is just one example of how great the service is, they don’t hesitate going the extra mile in order to make your stay more comfortable; and improve your overall experience.

In summary, I can only highly recommend Amazon Exploring Expedition services.
We felt safe at all times, and we also felt that anything can be rearranged if that’s going to satisfy you.”

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